Expectant Parent Support

Home-based counseling (pregnancy, parenting, adoption) and case management for pregnant women in crisis and family members affected by the pregnancy. The goals of the program are a healthy pregnancy, healthy delivery of the child and stabilization of the home environment.


Adoption counseling, assessment, placement, post-placement supervision and support. Adoption services are provided for children from infancy to adolescence with a growing emphasis on placing older children and sibling groups. Our goal is to help children of all ages become permanent members of safe, loving families.

Foster Care

In addition to providing case management for children who are in foster care due to abuse or neglect in the home, we recruit, develop and maintain foster families who will keep the children safe during a difficult transition.

Residential Care

A safe, comfortable place to live, combined with therapy, independent living skills, educational services, and mentorship allow each child to begin healing and making plans for moving back into the community as soon as possible.